Am I Mad ?!?!?

9 09 2010


North Pole Marathon - The First Step


My name is Jon Smith and I am going to be 58 next week with very bad knees from too much sport, a broken foot from being stupid on holiday (trying to be 28!) … and I have decided to run my first marathon – at the North Pole !!
So here we go. I don’t want to go over the top but I thought it was worth a blog every few weeks just for the sheer hell of it and to make a few people laugh. The North Pole Marathon itself takes place every year with only 25 participants from around the world. Most of whom are uber marathon runners / triathletes (with good knees and two good feet) not marathon virgins like me !
Back home in comfy North West London I run a small public company called First Artist Corporation which manages a number of major sports stars / entertainers and a couple of big theatre marketing companies in London and New York; so I am hoping to achieve some reasonable publicity for the cause.
Ahhh ! now The Cause ….. this is where I need your help.
Ideally I would like to find a young person who is in urgent need of medical treatment who, for whatever reason, cannot seem to achieve that privately or through the NHS or indeed through their own countries medical system. I am hoping  to be able to raise enough funds for this mad marathon attempt to be able to pay for their otherwise unattainable treatment … can you help? do you know anyone who is / will be in that situation ?? I say will be because the marathon does not take place until April 5th 2011 so it may not be possible to find that person / cause until nearer the time.
So now my foot is healing training starts the third week of this month and will no doubt be adventuresome and amusing – I will try and keep the odd person who hits this blog entertained whilst updating our cause and hopefully adding a few of our celebs to the mix and maybe even one or two of the broadcasters who we will try and arm wrestle to support me!
The good news is polar bears don’t normally travel that far north – it’s too cold !!!




9 responses

9 09 2010
Robin Adams

Are you mad Jon? Probably, but I wish you well with your madness and any help I can offer you as a professional running coach (endurance a speciality!), then please just holler my friend.

I am currently training two runners for Brighton 2011 and two more for London 2011, along with one who’s running New York this November. All of those present different challenges, but your adventure is the ultimate challenge.

Madness is often tinged with genius and it’s a genius idea of yours to raise money for a disadvantaged soul. I am happy to support you in your lunacy!

Kind regards

Robin Adams

9 09 2010

Robin, thats really kind of you – thank you. I have got a team around me headed by prof Greg Whyte who Cracknell and Fogel to the South Pole and Walliams across the Channel so hopefully I will be well marshalled – they have even got a psychologist onboard – but every bit helps so lets discuss it over a drink ‘finally’ when I am next down probably at the start of October.

Thx Jon

10 09 2010

Yes ur mad! But the very best of luck to you. Love Linda and Alan xxxx

10 09 2010

You are mad. But I will support your cause (who ever that turns out to be) just because you are, er….. um…… mad!

10 09 2010
Alan Sharpe

What a wonderful cause, Jon
No, I don’t think your are mad but very brave to take on such a project.
You have our support.
Alan & Linda

10 09 2010

Stark staring BONKERS – but you always have been 🙂 hahaha
Your feet and knees may be knackered but your heart is, as usual , in the right place!
N x

11 09 2010
David Clark

Clearly as mad as a hatter!! I always suspected there was a touch of the adventurer in you, but what a superb undertaking! Hope the toe gets better quickly and looking forward to keeping up with your progress.

Good luck with the training!


12 09 2010
Rachelle Berger

Yes….you are a bit “MESHUGA”…..but your heart is pure gold. I love you and admire your spirit and bravery! Love, Rachelle

31 10 2010
David Longman

Hi there Jon. I don’t think it matters what age you are to do something like this. What matters most of how old you think you are. I have a feeling that every hour on the journey, you may feel older! If you would like to pick us as your charity – think that was a ‘call’ in the blogs – we would be delighted to do what we can to support you. Much love and respect. David

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