OUCH !!!

21 11 2010



on crutches !

Nearly lost the Pole this week (and the plot!) Knocked out 15k on Sunday and then… calamity! my left knee which had hitherto been in perfect condition partially collapsed in pain on Tuesday’s “efforts” session.


Thought that was that and spent an immensely dejected Tuesday morning hobbling off to the physio.

Sort of, fortunately, it was diagnosed as Patello Pemoral Syndrome – which will probably just need me to do something that  I do exceedingly well … nothing !!  – so although it is a set back, better now than next February when I probably wouldn’t have recovered in time. So two weeks of  ….. nothing !

Anyway, shops are open this afternoon and I will close now because I am off to the Body Shop to see if I can acquire a new knee!!




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