North Pole Training Camp … Barnet !

19 12 2010

Trying desperately to be a good lad and follow the physio’s advice and not run for a week or so … but today’s weather is just too tempting – put a pole in the paddock and jogged very slowly around it a few times … just like 90 degrees North!!


Pole Paddock Training Camp



Also found a really good way of training without over-stressing the knees – sprinting against a jet in an exercise pool. Greg organised me a programme which is seriously testing without any knee stress at all.

Deep water pool running




Today I did a 10 min warm up followed by 5 x 1 minute hard sprints against the jet with 30 seconds recovery – a couple of minutes easy – 10 x 30 second sprints with 30 second recovery followed by 15 second sprints with 15 seconds recovery and so on (This training was aided and abetted by my son Scott gathering large snowballs and throwing them at me in the pool to simulate an Arctic storm!!) … Training then steps up every other day and at least with the current climate I am getting to test out all of the kit in front of time – it really is good; went for a walk in half the kit last night when it was minus 6 outside which is just as well as minus 6 would be considered Summer at the Pole! as demonstrated by me in the deckchair yesterday!

Relaxing and Acclimatization Dec 2010





4 responses

19 12 2010
Robin Adams

Shame about the knees Jon. I thought mine was bad with a torn ligament (now on mend), but yours seem so fragile. Fingers and knees crossed you are able to make the start line. Keep up the good work in this current weather and I’m so glad it’s good for someone!

20 12 2010
David Longman

I have such admiration for you. You are a fighter and will win. Your spirit for life and great causes is first class. David

20 12 2010

Hi Jon… you could come over to Northern Ireland for some training….. Getting closer to the North Pole!! Definitely temperature wise. good luck with the training .. keep in touch. Robert & Chris

20 12 2010
Alan Sharpe

Hello Jon
Saw you at my house warming party and you looked in pain.
Mentioned to Linda and she said you had injured your knee.

I know you are a bit younger than me BUT do you still think this trip is such a good idea?
I wish you good luck but still think you are crazy !!
Bring us back a Penguin or a Stick of Rock –whatever they sell where you’re going will be fine………..


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