3 weeks to go !!

12 03 2011

Having worked at this for over a year, this challenge is getting perilously close. My biggest fear continues to be that because of all the problems that I have suffered with my fragile knees and the fact that I am still only doing 4/5 miles during my post op running sessions which are 3 times a week (although I have only been doing these over the last two weeks). It’s a major haul to get to 26 plus miles in arctic conditions at the North Pole.

My fitness however is relatively prolific! Due to the intense pool and bike sessions over the last few months I was hardly even drawing breath during today’s run. I have also spent some time running on soft sand in Spain last weekend to try and replicate deep snow (sorry about the picture – was trying out my arctic socks during the Spanish run!)

However the list of competitors from around the world for the marathon reads like a who’s who of uber marathoners http://www.npmarathon.com/html/200427/ (and then there is me !!) Think I will be lucky to finish last but all I am really concerned about is somehow completing the challenge in a bit of style (actually, any style will do!)  Anyway, enough about me …. !

We have started our PR work this week with a feature in the Mail on Sunday due for publication next week and an article in the Jewish Chronicle yesterday http://www.thejc.com/community/community-life/46462/soccer-agents-%C2%A3100k-pole-goal Looking forward to some radio and TV promotion in the next couple of weeks.

Little Alex has been in hospital again this week but fortunately was well enough to be allowed out to be Accrington Stanley’s mascot in their game against Gillingham today…

I spent some time with him and his mother, Rachel, this week. He is so brave and the family are so supportive – I really want to help make this work for him!





5 responses

13 03 2011
David Longman

You are a brave man … my suggestion for a sandy beach with lots of ‘give’ in it, but perhaps not very cold, is North Shore of Oahu!! It’s a real killer, but what a nice way to go!!

13 03 2011

Hey, socks are sexy! Do you have arctic pants to match? J-A xx
Seriously we’re all very proud of you down here in Brighton x

18 03 2011
kenneth Johns

amazing …truly amazing !!!

18 03 2011

Thanks so much for your thoughts and taking time to respond …

21 03 2011
Cynthia Youson

I wish you all the best on your polar run.

I thought that you might be interested in a product called Forever Freedom. See the above web site. It is an excellent product for energy levels but also for arthritis.

If you are interested I would be happy to supply you with this.

Hope that your run goes well.

Cynthia Youson

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