It’s SNOW joke !!!

6 04 2011

Me in Longyearbyen


North Pole, April 8th (pm): The AN-74 plane safely landed at the Pole with 15 marathoners and picked up Prince Harry in the process. The course is currently being marked and the race is expected to begin at 21:00 GMT after the remaining marathoners arrive on a second flight. The scenery and light is amazing with temperatures of -25C approximately. Spectacular hillicks of ice dot the horizon. A Russian special forces soldier at the Russian base will also join the marathon to bring the total to 27 competitors.

UPDATE: 06.30am – Friday 8th April …

Test flight landed successfully at Barneo Ice Camp overnight. I am at the airport waiting to board our flight … on our way to NP Marathon site … todays the day!!!

7th April: The weather has been quite extreme changing from minus 27 here at base camp with howling 80 mile an hour winds and driving snow and tonight it’s bright sunlight at midnight like a glorious summers day in the middle of the night and only minus 9 degrees!

But we have a problem that the runway at the Pole has cracked leaving Prince Harry and his entourage up there and us stuck here at Base camp in Spitsbergen…we are using Prince Harry’s plane to take us up to the Pole.

So that’s it: we are stuck until they stick it back together again !! The probability is that they will extend the runway and / or dig down into the crack and flood it and it will freeze solid in a few hours….. so we are hoping that we might get up to the North Pole on Friday or even Saturday !!!!

North Pole map showing crack

The hotel is full for tonight as we were supposed to be at Barneo Camp on the Pole … so they have moved us to the local gym floor!!!

Update: 5.15pm April 7th …. Test flight going upto Barneo now so if all goes according to plan both Prince Harry and I will be back in the UK for the Royal Wedding (!)… with one of us having attempted the NP Marathon !!!

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2 responses

7 04 2011
Robin Adams

Just wondering Jon if I should do the double. You EW in Polar Marathon and which of these in the Grand National: Belon Gale, Don’t Push It or Comply or Die!!!!

Good luck mate. Hell will freeze over in time for your plane to land I’m certain. Keep the adrenalin rushing and good bloody luck!#


7 04 2011

We’re still stuck here.. No idea what happens next- base camp is now full with the next incoming expedition, so we’re sleeping on the gym floor !….great prep for the hardest marathon on the planet !…..not sure that I can call this fun…but certainly interesting !!

Good luck on the National !!


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