Just had to be done !

5 12 2010

Whilst most people were thinking about how to take the day off from work I woke up at 5am, looked out the window and thought …. SNOW and more than half a centimetre of it – have to get out there with all the kit and try and run … it just had to be done ! even on one leg!

As it happens Peter Chum and Ed Blake my physios have again worked minor miracles and I was capable of actually putting one foot in front of the other in a (very slow) action that vaguely resembled running, but hey I was only wearing half my North Pole kit and after about 3/4 of a mile I was hot! ….. really hot – in fact steaming! So yet again the kit is proving to do what it says on the tin.

Anyone know anything about snowshoes? That’s the only piece of kit I haven’t got and can’t seem to find a supplier who will talk to me in anything that resembles English – the options seem fairly straight forward I just need very light short snowshoes in case it is snowing heavily at the Pole in April, but nobody seems capable of offering me anything that fits that bill – so all information¬†gratefully¬†received!

Hopefully back to some sort of running next week; gearing up to publicize this in the new year Рso anybody out there with any pertinent causes РI am close to finalising for whom we are going to fundraise but I still have capacity to help if anybody has a further worthwhile cause that I can support.